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ACE Brain Fitness - Services | Cognitive Skills Training for the Twin Cities and Wabasha, MN

ACE Brain Fitness provides in-home cognitive skills training services to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and Wabasha, MN areas. Cognitive skills training is ideal for struggling students, individuals with ADD/ADHD, ACT and other testing preparation, those recovering from traumatic brain injury, the working adult looking to improve productivity, the senior or retiree looking to keep mental edge, and anyone looking to improve memory, attention, auditory and visual processing, processing speed, logic, and reasoning!


FREE Training Session

Your first training session is always FREE! If you are in any way interested in learning more about our programs, this is the first step. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to commit to a program by doing your first session. Claim your FREE session by filling out a contact form here!

Individual Programs

One-on-one training designed to fit the individual's needs. Individual Programs are the most intensive programs we offer and are ideal for

  • Students

  • Individuals with ADD/ADHD

  • ACT and other testing preparation

  • Athletes

  • The working adult looking to stay sharp

  • The retiree looking to keep mental edge

  • Those recovering from traumatic brain injury

  • Anyone looking to improve mental skills!


Group class with 2-3 participants designed to maintain mental sharpness.