ACE Brain Fitness

ACE Brain Fitness - Process

One-on-one brain training designed to fit the individual’s needs. Our Brain Fitness Programs are designed to improve memory, attention, speed, logic, and other key skills to help with academics and everyday life. Our programs are great for struggling students, student athletes, students preparing for the ACT or other tests, students wanting an academic edge, the working adult looking to stay sharp, the retiree looking to keep mental edge and battle cognitive decline, those recovering from traumatic brain injury like a concussion, and anyone looking to improve mental skills!


Step 1

FREE Assessment & Consultation

We always start with a FREE Cognitive Skills Assessment & Consultation to help identify potential barriers to your student’s learning and thinking. This typically takes about one hour and can be done in your home or at a local coffee shop. Based on the results of the assessment, we will recommend a personalized brain fitness program designed to help your student learn and think more effectively.

Step 2

Personalized Brain Fitness Program

Once we have identified the skills that may be impacting your student’s learning, we work one-on-one to improve these skills. Training can be done in your home or at a local coffee shop.

For more information, schedule a FREE Assessment & Consultation!

After completing the program we saw a huge improvement in her behavior. She is able to focus more easily and for longer periods of time!
— Parent of ACE Student